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Zoom Phthalo Green Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint Gaffrey Art Material
Zoom Phthalo Green Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint Gaffrey Art Material
Zoom Phthalo Green Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint Gaffrey Art Material
Zoom Phthalo Green Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint Gaffrey Art Material

Phthalo Green Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint


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 Gaffrey’s Phthalo Green Mid-Viscosity acrylic paint strikes a balance between traditional heavy and soft body acrylic paint, leaning more towards higher viscosity. Buttery smooth and rich in pigment, the paint glides effortlessly across various surfaces while holding brush strokes. 

Handmade in small batches, we work intimately with raw materials to perfect the acrylic paint formula to enhance the painting experience. Well suited for mixing with Gaffrey’s heavy body texture paint or as a standalone artist paint. 

Pigment Classification: Synthetic Organic
Color Index Number: PG7
Opacity/Transparency: Transparent
Lightfastness: Excellent
Pigment Description: Intense deep green with slight blue undertones

Phthalo Green Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Daniel Logue
Great materials

As always you people make the best in the business. Love receiving my orders

Awesome customer service!

I ordered the Monstera Paint Kit (now discontinued) in October 2021 as a gift for my sister's birthday. Now, nearly a year later, my sister opened the kit to discover that one of the paints was missing! That particular paint is no longer sold on this website, so we were unable to purchase a replacement. On a whim, I contacted the Gaffrey's through the website and asked if they had any suggestions on what color I should use to replace the missing paint. Not only did they respond on the next business day, they suggested some replacement colors for the missing paint and another paint that had an unstable formula (not one created by them) AND then mailed the replacement paints to us for free. This is a solid company with excellent costumer service and wonderful products. Highly recommend!

Note: One of the replacement paints I received was Phthalo Green Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint, which is why this review appears here. I will add photos of the final painting when my sister has finished it!

kool mudkips
Very pigmented and great for mixing

I love the depth of the Pthalo Green. It is so dark. There seem to be endless shades to be made with it. I am a huge fan of greens. So nothing is better than being able to take one color and make multiple shades and other colors. Especially when painting plants. I can't give Gaffrey paints enough praise. I guess as people we all look for our soul mate. I believe artists have a "soul art form/medium" as well. Gaffrey mid viscosity paints are my "soul paint." I also love the heavy viscosity paints as well. But these are my favorite. I've been painting non stop for weeks with this stuff. Totally love it . (Painting I added is not even close to complete. Just bare bones so far.)

Susan Starr
Great paint!

The absolutely coolest paint I have ever used!!

Cynthia Gonzales
Phthalo Green

This color is so intense and rich. I can’t wait to use it. I will be doing a project that requires thIs gorgeous green soon.


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