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Zoom Periwinkle Heavy Body Texture Acrylic Paint Gaffrey Art Material
Zoom Periwinkle Heavy Body Texture Acrylic Paint Gaffrey Art Material
Zoom Periwinkle Heavy Body Texture Acrylic Paint Gaffrey Art Material

Periwinkle Heavy Body Texture Acrylic Paint

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Gaffrey’s Heavy Texture acrylic paint is unlike anything you’ve ever seen from your regular heavy body acrylics. We like to think of them as texture acrylics that blur the boundaries between painting and sculpting.

This professional-grade artist paint is incredibly thick, buttery smooth, and heavily saturated with pure pigments, making it more like the consistency of an ultra heavy gel medium – on steroids. Formulated with 100% acrylic emulsion and pure pigments, our signature heavy body acrylic paint contains no fillers or toxic additives and is completely waterproof when dry (seriously, you can see a video of Justin hosing down one of his paintings on Instagram).

Create uniquely textured paintings by carving into the pigment-rich colors with knives, brushes, and other tools without additional thickening mediums. You can even use traditional piping techniques with our piping tips to get something really different.

Our acrylics work in unison with the full range of Gaffrey products. Mix and match textures and tools to evoke a sense of liveliness and depth in your artwork that only our products can accomplish.

•Pigment Classification: Naturally Occurring
Inorganic & Synthetic Organic
•Color Index Number: PW6, PB29, PV19
•Opacity/Transparency: Opaque
•Sheen: Glossy
•Lightfastness: Excellent
•Pigment Description: This spring color effectively has a high pigment concentration yet has a gentle pastel violet-blue glow.

Periwinkle Heavy Body Texture Acrylic Paint

$8.00 Regular price $16.00


How long does it take to dry?

Dry times are based on the amount of paint used, temperatures, and humidity levels. You will notice the paint film forming after 30-60 minutes and the paint will be tacky to the touch. Once the paint film is set, the paint will take several days to a week to fully dry. Lower temperature and higher humidity levels will extend the dry time. Constant airflow from a fan will speed up the drying process, as will access to the underside of the canvas or board.

Does your paint crack?

On its own will not crack. Our formula is designed to be flexible and durable once dry. Certain factors may cause the paint to crack; such as diluting with water, mixing paints or mediums from other brands, applying the texture to uneven surfaces or canvas, adding too much medium viscosity colors, and extreme temperatures.

Do I need to varnish over the texture areas?

Varnish is optional. Our acrylics are archival quality and adding a varnish is up to the artist's preference. We currently do not offer varnishes so exercise caution when using from other brands. We are not responsible for the effects a varnish may have on your artwork if it causes unwanted effects.

What does the paint look like once dry?

Our heavy texture acrylics have a glossy finish that looks the same wet to dry in most cases. All acrylic paints will dry slightly darker due to the milky color of acrylic emulsion when wet. Shrinkage will occur once the water content evaporates from the paint. These effects are normal and hardly noticeable.

What surfaces can I paint on?

Wood panels are preffered due to their rigidity. This keeps your artwork's integrity intact.

Acrylics will adhere to most surfaces. With our paints, if it sticks, it fits.

I have more questions!

Click the link to see our full FAQ page

How to use

Step 1

Hold the bag horizontally and simply snip off the end. We recommend cutting at least half an inch for general purpose.

Step 2

At a slight angle, twist the back-end and apply some pressure. The bag will be taught and plump.

Step 3

Use your hand to guide the flow of paint at the opening and use your dominant hand to squeeze with ample pressure.

Step 4

Cover the bottom of a palette knife with one of our Mid-Viscosity acrylic colors. Lightly glaze the knife over the Heavy Texture for a variegated effect or mix thoroughly for an opaque color

Step 5

Pinch the opening of the piping bag to remove a little bit of paint. Secure the bag with one of our gaffrey bag clips to store for later use.

That's it! Get to paintin'

Our Heavy Texture acrylics are fully comaptible with all acrylics. Make your work more dynamic using simple palette knife and piping bag techniques.

Safety Data

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
maria reyes-jones
I like them and will order more

For years I have been obsessed with finding an acrylic medium that would enable oil paint like impasto techniques, and I never found the perfect one. Then I discovered Justin's Instagram, and, like the determined little artist that I am, I set about trying to find out what he was using to create his rich impasto paintings. I looked at each and every one of his studio shots, looking for a brand name. That is how I discovered Nova Color out of California. They have a product called Super Gel which enables thick impasto and is economical enough that you aren't spending hundreds of dollars to cover a small area. I started making my own mixes using piping bags and spatulas, etc. I was pretty happy with what I came up with and it truly changed my painting results. Then I saw that Justin was marketing his own paint materials, which (according to his Instagram videos) he creates using industrial mixers, and I was curious to see if they if they were any different than the thick paint I was getting using Nova color products on my own. I was also curious if he was mixing anything else into the paint besides SuperGel, and I still don’t know the answer to that question. So far I’ve tried Titanium White, Periwinkle Blue and Quina violet, and the answer is yes, they are a bit thicker. I also like his heavy duty piping bags, which I think he makes as well, as I’ve never found bags that heavy online. I will be trying his other colors. The cost is definitely more than buying direct from Nova Color and mixing myself, but the convenience of having the medium and paint already mixed, combined with the heavy duty piping bags makes it worth it I believe.

Need new packaging

The paint itself is WONDERFUL! However, my first shipment had a busted bag, which customer service quickly replaced (Thank you!)...the new bag came busted as well though. They should consider better packaging for the paints.

Kenny Bowers

Love it !! hope you keep making it

Jen Johnson
Heavy Body Texture Paint

Great product! The thick acrylic paint works great for textured artwork and it’s just the right consistency for piping.

Best Product

Easy to blend and creates unique texture


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