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Zoom 402 Ruffle Paint Tip Gaffrey Art Material

402 Ruffle Paint Tip

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Culinary arts meets paint sculpting using our signature Heavy Texture and Mid-Viscosity acrylic colors. With our piping tips, you'll love the satisfying feeling of squeezing paint into whimsical florals and abstract compositions. Customize your color palette and let your imagination run wild. These piping tips are reusable, and we suggest cleaning them in water while the paint is still wet. Always remember, DON'T EAT PAINT!

Simply drop the paint tip into one of our piping bags and load in acrylic paint just like a pastry chef would. We suggest piping paint onto a nonstick surface, such as plastic, to peel them off once dry and assemble them how you see fit. There are no rules. Just have fun with it. Piping our acrylics with paint piping tips is well suited for beginners or artists looking for that extra edge to add to their portfolio.  

 402 Ruffle Paint Tip

Base Diameter Size 1 inches
Material Stainless Steel
Style Ruffles
Tip Opening Size .7 inches
Type Piping Tips

402 Ruffle Paint Tip

$1.00 Regular price $2.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Laila Hamrick
Great product

It has a great shape and the paint comes out nicely. I wish I could have used it more efficiently, but I did not have the right piping bag to fit it.

Lannette Ebersold


linda jakub

I don't think whole order came. I thought I ordered tips and bags. I just now opened it.

Anna Buckner
luv luv luv your product

luv your product thus far, my only issue is that several items are sold out! Which for you is a good thing! I am knew to your brand, how often do you restock, I’d luv a couple of the kits when they are back in stock. I know here in the Phoenix area, that textured art is getting extremely popular and it is hard to find materials that hold up to the heat. Being located in FL I am assuming yours does! I am anxious to spread the word among my friends, but not until I know that availability & stock is better. I'm curious, Is the shortage covid related with material delays... Or are you just running short due to supply and demand? I found you accidentally on u tube and was absolutely drawn to your product and I appreciate & enjoy watching the instructional's. Looking forward to using your products more regularly.
Anna Buckner, [****],

Regen Shanzer

402 Ruffle Paint Tip


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