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Thick and wonderful

I have been wanting to try out the heavy mediums for awhile and finally snagged some. I was blown away! Great thickness and texture. Definitely buying more!

Have so much fun

My first work of heavy texture acrylics,it’s different than other painting, I have so much fun.Love it! I wish if can have texture acrylicsof mermaid 🧜‍♀️next time.🥳😛


I love everything about the paint: the people who make it, how fast it ships and arrives, how wonderful it is to use. I often use pounds at a time for my paintings and I never worry about closing up the piping back, I just pull the dry paint off the tip next time I’m ready to use it. I’ve used every thickening medium imaginable and none of them compare to the puffy, shiny goodness I get from all Gaffrey’s heavy texture acrylics. They’re perfect for my flower sculpting. They dry super sturdy, too. I don’t know where I’d be without them.

So many artistic possibilities!

THANKS for creating this much needed heavy texture paint. I will be ordering more!!

Amazing paint for sculptural paintings!

It was a great day when I found GAM heavy texture acrylic paint! There is simply nothing like it for palette knife painting and for using piping tips for fine detail work. This paint has opened up new vistas for me that I am eagerly exploring!


I’m so amazed and absolutely love working with the thick acrylic paints.
The descriptions of performance are spot on. They always hold the peaks.

Harder than a starter, but still fun

I found this piece harder than the poppy picture. The petals of the sunflowers were pretty tough, and I found that I needed more yellow than provided. Luckily I had some left over from previous kits. Overall, kit makes a beautiful piece of art, but would be more beneficial with Justin talking during the video. Looking forward to buying more kits! ❤️

dreams coming true.

Listen, if you want your art to be professional, get these paints. They are easy to work with, affordable (cheap, depending on your definition). Texture and colour are rich. I can't see myself working with any other brands.

What a fun, doable project for my 8 y/o and me!

I had no clue how to do this with my son but we watched the video to the Starter Kit, and it came up pretty good! Granted, I wish I knew a thing or two about painting and mixing paint, but the outcome was beyond my expectations. I imagine that if we didn't follow the video and just came up with something abstract, we would have had as much fun. Due to the texture, I believe the paint is very forgiving and versatile. The colors are spectacularly bright and easy to mix. I am now watching the videos and their Instagram to see what next!


To be able to sculpt flowers, or a hillside, or the clouds in the sky without a hassle, this delicious, yummy thick paint is the way to go. Have any questions? Ask them and an answer is forthcoming quicker than any other art web site I've gone to. It's time to play, have fun, and create masterpieces. Then you can change your middle name to Gaffrey......Nancy Gaffrey Gehrke......yah, it fits.


This product is phenomenal. It is so smooth and dried a lot faster than I thought it would. I use it to pipe flowers with petal tips and piping bags. It holds its peaks so beautifully. I’ve never worked with a heavy body acrylic like it. So impressed.

The BEST Paints

I love everything that Y’all make. I have been working with textured paint for years and making my own. I cannot express my gratitude enough that fellow artists have created a company and are able to keep the cost of materials affordable with the best quality. Pigmentation is perfection!


I have yet to use it but one to seal tubes?

Intense color

This color is so intense and the texture is very smooth and easy to mix. I love that I can get a deep intense color or a light bright hue.

Dioxazine Purple Acrylic Paint - gaffrey art material

Thick and smooth

I absolutely love this paint. I have been searching everywhere for the perfect thick acrylic paint and I think this may be the one for me!

Love all my Gaffrey products!

Recently received my essential spade ♠️ palette knife. Love the feel of this knife! It has just the right amount of spring to it! I love using this knife with all my Justin Gaffrey heavy texture products. Gaffrey heavy texture paints are the best on the market for impasto painting! I’m a addicted to this heavy texture paint and the beautiful highly pigmented medium textured paints by Gaffrey. I’m a forever loyal customer!

Pyrrole red

I have been an abstract artist for 20 years and Gaffery Art Materials has one of the most innovative heavy body acrylics on the market.
I highly recommend all of the Heavy Body Acrylics as very economical and produce excellent texture art sculptures.

Fantastic medium, high quality results

This paint is so much fun to work with! It's very smooth, and holds it's firmness well, even when mixing with other acrylic paints. It dries quickly, doesn't shrink or peel, and has a nice shiny finish to it. I really love using the bag it comes in to pipe onto my paintings. I like the control it gives me. I've already bought two tubes, and will need another soon. Very happy!

Hooked on Heavy Texture!

Pyrrole red heavy texture paint
LOVE the smooth buttery texture of this paint! I especially like how the paint holds its texture and the glossy shiny finish when dry! Other heavy body paints don’t even begin to compare to this paint. The price and quality of this art material can not be matched! I’m hooked!!!

Diggin It!

I paint with palette knives & heavy body acrylics & have tried so many different types to get the effect I desire...they do it up here! Really enjoy this paint!

Arts creations

Love the texture acrylic paints very good for my abstract arts . Will be ordering more very soon.

Awesome and easy!

The kit was amazing, and has more than enough material to do the project. It was easy to follow and made a really beautiful painting! I’m now looking at doing a bigger project with the material as I learned so much about handling the paint during this.

Cocktail dress

I made a picture of a textured cocktail dress on a 3D canvas. I absolutely love this paint. I will purchase some more very soon.

Don't like the bags

I do not like the bags for painting, they are cumbersome and unwieldy. I like the paint, however, I don't know that I'll buy anymore though because of the bags it comes in.