Seller Profile

Christine Tonolini

“I know it sounds dramatic but the purchase I made September 27, 2020 changed my life. I have quit my job to pursue painting full time. I feel proud of the work I do. I am thankful I have found a style of my own and I truly feel it was possible because of the value of this paint.”  Dallas, TX


Tess Jones

"Hi. My name is Tess Jones and I’m a 16 year old artist. I’ve always loved painting and I started using your paints last Christmas when my aunt, Joyce Serina, bought me your paint. My favorite aspect of the Justin Gaffrey paint is the freedom it provides. There’s no pressure to create something that’s perfect it’s just art. I’ve always been hard on myself but your paints have taught me to be looser and have more fun with what I’m making. I’ve also really enjoyed experimenting with the texturized paint. Since the paint is outside of the box it inspires me to create pieces that are outside of the box. This year I created my own business, attended 2 art shows and have been invited to more shows before the end of this year. I’m excited to continue painting and trying new things." Southeastern PA


Adrienne Judge

"I feel as though I’ve barely scratched the surface on what I can achieve with this paint, but sculpting flowers with cake decorating tips has become one of my greatest accomplishments. That may seem a little wild, but it’s true. Almost every piece I finish I stand back from it, look at it and think “damn, I love this. I’m so lucky these people make this paint”…This paint was made for us to explore a whole new avenue and style of expressionism that I’ve never seen before. Buy some Gaffrey paint. Hop on the bandwagon. I feel so lucky to be a part of the Gaffrey user community." Lancaster PA