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Zoom Cadmium Orange Hue Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint Gaffrey Art Material
Zoom Cadmium Orange Hue Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint Gaffrey Art Material

Cadmium Orange Hue Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint

Color: orange

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Gaffrey’s Cadmium Orange Hue Mid-Viscosity acrylic paint strikes a balance between traditional heavy and soft body acrylic paint, leaning more towards higher viscosity. Buttery smooth and rich in pigment, the paint glides effortlessly across various surfaces while holding brush strokes. 

Handmade in small batches, we work intimately with raw materials to perfect the acrylic paint formula to enhance the painting experience. Well suited for mixing with Gaffrey’s heavy body texture paint or as a standalone artist paint. 


Pigment Classification: Synthetic Organic
Color Index Number: PR170, PY65
Opacity/Transparency: Opaque
Lightfastness: Excellent
Pigment Description: Brilliant and vivid orange with red undertones. Does not contain Cadmium pigment

Cadmium Orange Hue Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cassie Lewis-Trombetti
Beautiful, vivid, easy to work with.

I absolutely LOVE Gaffrey paints. Not only are the prices great, the paint is top notch. Also, the company will answer any questions you have. (Quickly, too.) It is smooth, the perfect texture, and all around great. I am so happy I discovered this on YouTube. I feel the quality of my paintings is all around better and I have a renewed excitement to experiment with the heavy textures. So, super great experience.

Lori Cardillo
super pigmented

I have not done a whole painting yet just played around a bit trying the colors etc...and omg..all the mid viscosity colors I purchased in the are so bright and pigmented they are stunning. what i love the most is it does not take much so they will last me some time...have not done much with the heavy textured yet

sharon shiner
Awesome product!

love this paint!!!!! Thank you for the fast delivery

Macy Raffles
Vols fan

This is the orangiest Orange I’ve ever seen… and I grew up a Vols fan. Orange is our color, But this is somehow even more vibrant and rich. It’s ultra pigmentation makes for fantastic value, as it will go a very long way if diluted.


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