Sculpted Floral Block Acrylic Paint Kit


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Create a luscious bouquet of flowers with nothing but paint with this unique Sculpted Floral Block Acrylic Paint Kit. Choose between yellow, violet, or periwinkle for your bouquet and use the tools and exclusive video tutorial by Justin Gaffrey to pipe vibrant and voluptuous flowers using our specially-formulated heavy body texture acrylic paint.

The 4-inch wooden cube included in the kit can be displayed free-standing or hung on a wall, depending on your preference. You’ll create a truly unique (not to mention low maintenance!) floral arrangement that will last forever.

This gift-ready kit is perfect for aspiring artists or anyone with a proclivity for doing things differently. Includes a FREE guided video tutorial explaining every step of the process from Justin Gaffrey.

All Floral Block Paint Kits Include:

  • 16 oz Titanium White
  • 2x Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Colors
  • 4x4 Wooden Box
  • Palette Knife Spreader
  • 1" inch Panel Brush
  • 2x-12" inch Piping Bags
  • 2x Decorating Tips
  • 2x-5x7 Disposable Palettes

Floral Block I:

  • 1 oz Quinacridone Violet
  • 1 oz Viridian Green
  • 1 oz Light Grey Base Coat

Floral Block II:

  • 1 oz Hansa Yellow
  • 1 oz Phthalo Green YS
  • 1 oz Light Raw Umber Base Coat

Floral Block III:

  • 1 oz Periwinkle
  • 1 oz Viridian Green
  • 1 oz White Base Coat

Pro tip: Due to the nature of acrylic paints, shrinkage may occur. To avoid gaps in your painting, make sure the blooms are close together.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Zulaikha Kazmi
Loved it!

This was my first time trying out something new. I am not an artist but thought the whole process of using these paints was pretty easy. My flower did not come out as it was supposed to but i am happy with it. Thank you for bringing a little joy in my life !

Nancy Jackson
Violet Floral Block

With the video tutorial and practice (as recommended), this was a Fun project for someone with little experience (especially with piping). Very pleased with the outcome!!
I love the kits as everything needed is included.

A fun new skill!

It was so much fun and a tad bit frustrating! The tutorial is super helpful. The Gaffery art masters make it look so easy! Mine came out appearing a bit melted, but I’m so proud and excited to improve this skill!

Orlanda Goncalves

Well it seems that the tulip tip didn’t work so well for me it did not create the flowers it looked more like a chocolate kiss and I wasted all the white from one of the boxes a bit upset about it not sure what went wrong

Lynn Anderson

We loved the colors included with this kit.