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Zoom Indian Yellow Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint
Zoom Indian Yellow Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint
Zoom Indian Yellow Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint
Zoom Indian Yellow Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint

Indian Yellow Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint


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Gaffrey’s Indian Yellow Mid-Viscosity acrylic paint strikes a balance between traditional heavy and soft body acrylic paint, leaning more towards higher viscosity. Buttery smooth and rich in pigment, the paint glides effortlessly across various surfaces while holding brush strokes. 

Handmade in small batches, we work intimately with raw materials to perfect the acrylic paint formula to enhance the painting experience. Well suited for mixing with Gaffrey’s heavy body texture paint or as a standalone artist paint. 

•Pigment Classification: Synthetic Organic
•Color Index Number: PY74, PR122
•Opacity/Transparency: Semi-Transparent
•Lightfastness: Excellent
•Pigment Description: In the 1800s, cows were fed a strict diet of mango leaves to make their urine a dark orange color. They would dehydrate the urine and mill it into a pigment. In the modern version, our staff urinates in a bucket...just kidding. Our Indian yellow is a synthetic blend of hansa yellow and Quinacridone Magenta.

Indian Yellow Mid-Viscosity Acrylic Paint


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Marlyn B.
Delicious Stiff Stuff

The heavy weight paint is delicious to work with and does everything it is hyped to do. Fair warning though, it takes a lot to make those big juicy peaks and luscious deep flower petals. There is a learning curve to working with such large loads of paint on the palette knife but well worth the cost to get there. I will save my pennies and continue to play with this wonderful paint that let's you be creative like no other.

Robert Stella
love it

love the brightness of it

Color bleed

I love the vibrant color but find that it bleeds even when mixed with your heavy texture Titanium White. (This is the only color so far to bleed) Because I love your products, I purchased the 8oz container…darn! Hope it’s a fluke!

Jane Thorp
Indian yellow is your new best friend

Such a beautiful rich shade. This is hands down quick to dry here in Arizona.

Karlene Chan
Colors of joy

Beautiful yellow
..Have to get more colours


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