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Zoom Matte Black Heavy Texture Acrylic Paint - BETA
Zoom Matte Black Heavy Texture Acrylic Paint - BETA
Zoom Matte Black Heavy Texture Acrylic Paint - BETA
Zoom Matte Black Heavy Texture Acrylic Paint - BETA
Zoom Matte Black Heavy Texture Acrylic Paint - BETA

Matte Black Heavy Texture Acrylic Paint - BETA

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We're learning as we go and you're witnessing us develop exciting acrylic paints nobody has seen before in real-time. In order for us to test new Heavy Texture formulas, we have to make them larger scale (approximately 50 gallons at a time) for the formula to be super thick and ultra-smooth. Since these Heavy Texture acrylics have never been made before, there was no machinery or procedure to make paint like this in existence. We've clocked in thousands of hours engineering, experimenting, and perfecting the acrylic paint-making process. We did it! Not bad for a couple of self-taught artists with no college degrees. 

We're confident in adding new colors to our Heavy Texture collection but when we made Matte Black Heavy Texture, there were some unknowns. Making acrylic paints from scratch, we've learned each raw material has specific properties that react in specific ways. Each color or medium requires meticulous formulas so there is no one universal method. We had to commit to making 50 gallons because we can't make it smaller scale. That's why your feedback is paramount before we make Matte Black a permanent part of our collection.

 Beta test program

How does it work?

Play with the paint and notice how it behaves. Is it matte enough? Does it flow with ease when spreading? What is the compatibly like mixing with other gaffrey colors? Matte black will appear glossy when wet and dry with a flat sheen. We've played with it ourselves but that's just one opinion. We are distributing the paint at what it cost to produce. As much as we would like to give it away for free, we can't afford it as a small business. We'll send a follow-up email 10 days after your purchase with a quick questionnaire to collect data that will inform making the final formula.

Gaffrey Heavy Texture Acrylics are the first of its kind, blurring the boundaries of painting and sculpture. This professional-grade artist paint is super thick, buttery smooth, and saturated with pure pigments. Carve into this pigment-rich texture with knives and brushes to create lifelike multi-dimensional artwork.

Formulated with 100% acrylic emulsion and pure pigments, our signature acrylic paint is the real deal with no fillers or toxic additives. No additional thickening mediums are required. Heavy Texture acrylics work in unison with the full range of gaffrey acrylic mediums to evoke a sense of liveliness and depth only our products can accomplish.

Goes with:

Matte Black Heavy Texture Acrylic Paint - BETA


How to

Step 1

Hold the bag horizontally and simply snip off the end. We recommend cutting at least half an inch from end for general purpose.

Step 2

At a slight angle, twist the backend and apply some pressure. The bag will be taught and plump.

Step 3

Use your hand to guide the flow of paint at the opening and use your dominant hand to squeeze with ample pressure.

Step 4

Cover the bottom of the palette knife with one of our Mid-Viscosity acrylic colors. Lightly glaze the knife over the Heavy Texture for a variegated effect or mix thoroughly for an opaque color

Step 5

Pinch the opening of the piping bag to remove a little bit of paint. Secure the bag with one of our gaffrey bag clips to store for later use.


How long does it take to dry?

Thin films of the paint, under an inch, will dry to the touch in 45 to 60 minutes. Thicker films of the paint exceeding several inches will dry to the touch in under 24 hours. Once film formation occurs, the water slowly evaporates from the texture and takes several days to a week to be fully dry. Environmental conditions will effect workability and dry time. Constant airflow from a fan will significantly speed up the drying process when your finished.

Can I blend other acrylic colors with Heavy Texture?

Absolutely! Mix thoroughly with a knife using any gaffrey paint to have a solid color or glaze other colors over the texture for variegated color patterns.

How long will it take for a color to be back in stock?

We are a small family company making all of our acrylics in small batches and packaging the paints in our warehouse. Making paints from scratch is not an easy task and requires extreme attention to detail. Our best sellers take priority in the production queue. It can take anywhere from several days to a month to restock a color. Certain factors such as supply chain issues for raw materials can cause delays we are not in control of.  

Do I need a varnish?

Varnish is optional. Our acrylics are archival quality and adding a varnish is up to the artist preference. We currently do not offer varnishes so exercise caution when using from other bands. We are not responsible for the effects a varnish may have on your artwork if you mess it up.


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Our retail location is connected to the Justin Gaffrey Gallery along scenic Highway 30a in Blue Mountain Beach. We are open 10am-6pm Mon-Sat 21 Blue Gulf Dr, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Get in touch

As an artist run paint company, we value your feedback and committed to meeting your needs as a painter. Want to request a color? Talk about painting? Send us an email We're here to help!

Paint and artist tool all in one

You won’t believe what you’re capable of

Our piping bag was intuitively designed to control the flow of paint as an instrument. This bag allows you to assemble color and texture to make your work more dynamic.

Say goodbye to thickening mediums

Pigment Rich Texture

Heavy Texture acrylics eliminate the need for mixing mediums saving you time and money. No more molding pastes, gels, gesso, or guess work for adding texture to your art. We did all the hard work for you getting the ratios of acrylic to pigment just right so you'll have consistent pigment-rich texture every time.

No barriers for entry

Art isn't for everyone but is for anyone

The founder, Justin Gaffrey, is a self taught texture artist with a prolific art career spanning several decades. After years of using conventional acrylics from other paint companies, Justin was unable to find the right art materials to paint the way he wanted. So he invited his family to take matters into their own hands creating the first of its kind sculptural acrylic paint. This paint goes against conventional methods of painting freeing artists to have fun in the process by utilizing simple palette knife and piping bag techniques. Once you get your hands in the paint, it's hard turning back.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Richard Fravor Jr
Fun to play with not to eat lol

I had a wonderful time finger painting with the new matte black heavy texture paint! It went down smooth, held strokes and dried beautifully! In this painting I used only Gaffrey heavy texture paint!

Nikki Nichols
Matte Black

I absolutely love it! I do wish there was a clear/matte to mix it with. Not sure if that’s even possible. The texture is amazing and thick. Dries true to the color. I’m in love.

Pamela Lymn

The depth that your paints give are amazing, the colors just pop. I can play with them all day. Thank you for creating paint that comes to life.

Deanna Roberts
Love this matte black

Forms so easily and the texture is amazing. Forms great peaks and doesn’t settle like most paints. The handles on the palette knives are great. I especially love the petal tip. Forms perfect flowers petals every time. Please keep mixing this paint. We absolutely love it. Can’t get enough.

Matte black update

I wrote a review the other day when I had just used the matte black and since it is dry now I can give an updated review. I love all the paints and I feel this black could be more matte. I have spread it out thin to use and one side is very shiny. Also have applied it thick on a acanvas and it is not very matte. But I love all of your paints! Just wish the black was a bit more matte.

Hi Ann! Thank you for your feedback. That's why we made this a limited run in our beta experimental program. We just sent an email with a quick and easy survey to collect data that will inform the final formula.


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