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Titanium Buff Heavy Body Texture Acrylic Paint

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Size16 oz

Our Titanium buff Heavy Texture is staple for color mixing. This warm off-white color has a soft glow, like a sun reflecting off clouds. Use this paint raw to highlight other focuses in your artwork, or combine it with our Acrylic Artist Collection for an almost infinite variety of colors for sculpting with paint. This is an awesome acrylic to exercise those palette knife and piping bag skills.

This neutral white is a bit sandy, with a hint of eggshell. We designed this Heavy Body Texture acrylic to be a versatile tool in the world of paint sculpture. Justin Jr. has used this color to sculpt many times, using its sandy-brown undertones to create a lifelike dough color in his constantly sought after pizza sculptures. People always love pizza. 

Opaque, with a slight gloss, Titanium Buff consists of Titanium white and Yellow Iron Oxide pigments. Utilizing the light fastness of Titanium white, and the tinting strength of Yellow iron oxide, this acrylic color won't fade over time.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Brenda Maxson (B Maxson Art Studios)
Titanium Buff

Great new color. Before I began using Gaffrey paints, I'd use Parchment color. It'd give the white a warmer feel, not quite so stark or bright. Since I switched to this fantastic paint I'm thrilled they've developed Titanium Buff. This gives me the same warm feel to my whites. I'll use it for when I'm paint floral and want white but most too bright. I'll also use it as a background white to indicate something is still white but it's not the main focus. In my sample picture, the daisies in the background are painted with Titanium Buff. ...still white but not as bright. They sink a little into the background. Thanks Gaffrey!

Amber Wenger
Amazing products

I really really love this company, I have been a fan for almost a year now and I've definitely been through gallons and gallons of paint!!! I love the variety of products and creating beautiful artworks is so easy because of the delicious looking paint😍 in addition, every time I've interacted with the company via email they have been amazing at customer service! I cannot sing their praises enough!!! Thank you GAM!!!

Lipa Schmeltzer
Little time to write since I want to paint more.

This paint changed my way of creating. To explain it better I’ll have to send pictures. I use it for paintings, sculptures and now my house walls has some, too.

Dianna McNutt
Titanium Buff

Great paint! I
really like it instead of white for some applications.
Awesome texture!

Shelly Nealy
Titanium buff and white

These are my two favorite GAM’s to use! It seems like these two very important whites have been modified, and adjusted to perfection! I love the high gloss sheen, and I cannot wait to try it with the new titanium matte white!


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