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Pigment-Rich and Deliciously Smooth

The "Happy Medium"

Gaffrey’s mid-viscosity acrylic paint strikes a balance between traditional heavy and soft body acrylic paint, leaning more towards higher viscosity. Buttery smooth and rich in pigment, the paint glides effortlessly across a variety of surfaces while holding brush strokes. 

Handmade in small batches, we work intimately with raw materials to perfect the acrylic paint formula to enhance the painting experience. Well suited for mixing with Gaffrey’s heavy body texture paint or as a standalone artist paint.

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Mid-Viscosity Acrylics

No compromise

Gaffrey’s Mid-Viscosity acrylic paint packs the highest amount of pigment in our range of mediums.

Handmade with Care

All Gaffrey artist paints are manufactured on-site with the utmost attention to detail and quality.

Made by Artists, For Artists

Quality is monitored by artists who actually use the products. Justin Gaffrey is a full-time artist and entrepreneur who produces pieces that sell internationally, exclusively using his own materials. 


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