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The Gaffrey's

Our little paint company launched on July 16th 2020. About two years before our launch, Justin Gaffrey took a leap of faith by learning the chemistry and manufacturing process for acrylic paints. His motivation was born out of necessity for his art career and to develop a deeper relationship with art materials.

Since our paints are one of a kind, there wasn’t a manual out there to produce them. Justin would cold call chemists, chemical companies, and paint reps to help him on his journey to make the thickest artist paint out there. While there’s a wealth of information on architectural coatings, there’s a tight lid on how to produce acrylic paints. The majority of people told him he was crazy and wasting his time. Luckily, some kind folks provided some knowledge and hundreds of raw material samples to achieve his goal.

There was a lot of failure in the beginning. The paint would crack, turn into cottage cheese, disintegrate into dust; just to name a few. About a year in, he was ready to give up. (We kid you not, Justin was entertaining the idea of starting a candle company instead.) That’s when Justin enlisted the help of his two kids @justingaffreyjr @ariagaffreyy and @soiled_wig to crack the formula. Once the formula was stable, we had to figure out how the hell to run a company. Everything we do is done with a DIY spirit with dedicated passion for supporting artists.

Together, the artistic family also runs Justin Gaffrey Gallery, also located in their hometown of Santa Rosa Beach. At any given time, they can be found hand-deep in the paint: exploring, testing, creating, teaching, learning and having a whole lot of fun.

gaffrey art materials are a conduit for helping others unleash their creative potential with no intimidation or traditional “rules.”

The minds at our company have continued to evolve their processes, use creative problem solving, and listen to artists feedback to make gaffrey art material what it is today. Cheers to you and your support! We truly couldn’t do it without you. Okay back to work. We got more paint to make!

Justin Gaffrey

Justin Gaffrey worked for many years as a chef and small restaurant owner in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. He had a number of other endeavors over the years, including furniture building, but eventually jumped head first into the world of paint.

Expressing himself with paint became a daily passion and he would find inspiration at every turn. He began experimenting with impasto-style painting – the thicker the paint, the better. 

With collectors all over the world, Justin Gaffrey pushes to constantly evolve his work, which most consistently depicts coastal landscapes, wildlife and the exploration of the human condition, draws from his own life experiences and his hunger for learning.  

While his work has inspired the path for many impasto acrylic painters, perhaps his most impressive students have been his children, Justin Gaffrey, Jr. and Aria Gaffrey, who are now artists in their own right, having picked up a paintbrush before they could walk. Justin, Jr. left college to pursue his art career full-time as a mixed-media painter, and Aria has a proclivity for drawing, tattoos and graphic design, which has been an integral part of Gaffrey Art Material’s branding.

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