What are heavy texture acrylics?
It’s our signature product we designed for palette knife and impasto painting techniques. It has high pigment concentration, super thick viscosity, buttery texture, and holds stiff peaks while staying flexible. There is no mixing medium required to get thick texture. It’s a ready-made paint.

How long until a color will be back in stock?

As a small company with a staff of six people, it takes approximately 2-4 weeks to produce. All of our acrylics are made in house. This is subject to change due to the supply chain on acrylic resin. 

How long does it take to dry?
It depends on how heavy the paint application is on your surface. A light application will dry in 30 minutes to an hour. Heavy application will form a skin in 24 hours. The paint may feel soft but it forms a durable exterior where you can touch it. We recommend keeping your painting on a flat surface with constant airflow from a fan.

What is the difference between heavy texture acrylics and molding paste?
A molding paste typically is an acrylic medium filled with hard substances. It dries with a gritty texture and can be sanded down or carved. Our heavy texture acrylics are completely different. The texture itself is very buttery, light, and holds stiff peaks staying flexible while wet.

Where do I find info on tips and techniques?
Subscribe to our website to get tips from artist Justin Gaffrey. Also, go to our YouTube page for demos and guided painting demonstrations.

Are “acrylic colors” a different viscosity than heavy texture?
Yes. They have a mid-high viscosity similar to heavy body acrylics

Can I use a paintbrush with the heavy texture acrylics?
We designed this paint for palette knife usage to, “sculpt with paint”. However, there are no rules! We suggest you start with palette knives first.

Can I mix oil paint with your acrylics?
No. They are for acrylics only.

How does heavy texture acrylic clear differ from the other heavy textures?
The clear heavy texture has no pigmentation. If the desired effect is to have a true color contrast, mix with this medium

I see in your videos you are mostly mixing with titanium white heavy texture, what is the reason for that?
This is the founder's preferred method he enjoys. He has been the artist for over twenty years. It shows more nuanced colors layered into each stroke displaying variegated lines of color

Do I have to use wood panels or can I use canvas?
One of the many advantages of a wood panel is, you don’t have to worry about sagging from heavy paint application. It’s a much sturdier surface. Otherwise, it’s like painting on a trampoline with a thick application. A light amount of heavy texture will be just fine on a stretched canvas.

Can I request a new color?
Absolutely! Use our contact form to let us know what you would like to see next

How do I clean my knives?
It’s best to clean them while they are wet with some cloth and water. If the paint dries, you can scrape them off with a razor blade.

Do I need to prepare my surface before applying heavy texture acrylics?
We recommend using gesso to create a long term bond to the surface.

It seems like a waste of paint. How do I maximize the use of your acrylics?
We anticipated some purists to get their feathers ruffled by how much paint we use. Our goal is to shake things up and offer a non-traditional way to paint. Our content shows you what you CAN do, not what you HAVE to do

Do your heavy texture acrylics have fillers?
There are no fillers. We are a group of artists who took a crash course in chemistry to get the paints at the thickest threshold of being stable.

Can I use other name brand acrylics with your heavy texture acrylics?
Yes, we can’t stop you but we designed our acrylic colors at a lower viscosity that blends better with the heavy texture acrylics.


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