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Shipping and returns

Where do I find my tracking number?

You will receive an email with tracking information once your order is fulfilled. If you haven't received it, please contact us at along with your order number and we will gladly provide you with the tracking number.

My shipment is delayed. What should I do?

Please reach out to your carrier for further assistance. Please note that once the Gaffrey Art Material package leaves our facility, we are unable to impact the delivery process. Rest assured, we will provide you with tracking information to keep you updated on its progress.

I put in the wrong address for my order. What should I do?

Please email us at as quickly as possible and we’ll see what we can do! If your order has already left our facility, you must contact UPS or USPS to reroute your order as we cannot facilitate the process once the package is out of our hands. 

It's not a guarantee your order will be sent back to our facility. In some cases, packages sent back to us arrive months later!

My shipment was damaged. Can I get a replacement or refund?

In case of any damage to your order, contact us with your order number and a detailed account of the damage. We can organize a replacement, or you may choose a refund or store credit. Reimbursement eligibility is case-specific.

Can I return my order online?

When it comes to refunds, each case is individually assessed. We take great care in packing orders to guarantee their safe delivery by following established protocols.

We regret to inform you that open containers cannot be refunded. However, we do offer refunds for all other art materials.

If you wish to request a refund, please reach out to us via email so we can assist you accordingly. Once the refund is approved, we will send you a return shipping label via email. Please note that the shipping costs will be your responsibility.

I think my package was lost or stolen, what do I do now?

Gaffrey Art Material is not liable for lost or stolen packages post-transit. If you suspect your package is missing or stolen, please click the link below for instructions.


International Shipping

What countries do you ship to?

We ship our artist acrylic paints to most countries worldwide. To see if you qualify for international shipping, simply input your address at checkout. There's no need to enter credit card information to check if we can deliver to your location.

How much does international shipping cost?

Shipping costs depend on multiple factors, including the destination, weight, and size of your package. International orders do not qualify for free shipping. To get an estimate, please proceed to checkout with your selected items, where shipping costs will be calculated based on your location and order details.

What should I do if my international order is lost or damaged during transit?

If your order arrives with missing, defective, or damaged items due to manufacturing issues, contact our customer support team within 30 days for a product refund. Please note, international orders are not eligible for replacements or returns for shipping, tax, or duty fees.

How are customs, duties, and taxes handled?

Your order will be shipped Delivered Duty Paid (DDP), meaning all duties, taxes, and brokerage fees are covered by us to prevent shipping delays. These fees are calculated based on the product’s value, category, origin, and your destination's tariff rates.

Why is international shipping so expensive?

All shipping fees are automated and determined by the carriers, and these fees go directly to them. Our products are notably heavy and liquid in nature, which customs authorities may view as a liability, leading to higher fees.

Furthermore, we often absorb additional costs on international orders due to the carriers' estimates not being 100% accurate, with Gaffrey Art Material covering the difference. Our commitment is to ensure our quality products reach you, despite these challenges.

Can I arrange my own shipping method?

All shipping fees are final and non-negotiable. We do not accept requests to arrange shipments outside of our standard process, and we cannot accommodate custom shipping arrangements.

As a small company based in the U.S., our international shipping services are strictly limited to our outlined policy, with no exceptions. We strive to provide a fair and efficient shipping process within these parameters to ensure our quality products reach you reliably.

Common Acrylic Questions

How long does it take for Heavy Texture acrylic paint to dry?

Drying time varies based on humidity, temperature, and paint thickness. Takes about 60-90 minutes to dry to the touch and at least 5-7 days to fully dry. Use fans to speed up drying.

How do I store the paint piping bag after use?

We designed the Packaging for our Heavy Body Texture Collection not only for easy application, but for minimal waste. When you’re done painting, you can either use our secure bag clip to seal the tip  paint or transfer it to an airtight container. If you’re just putting your paint down for a day or so, pinch, fold or stuff the end however you see fit. 

Do your paints crack?

Heavy Texture on its own will not crack. Our formula is designed to be flexible and durable once dry. However, certain factors may cause the paint to crack, such as diluting with water, mixing with mediums from other brands, applying the texture to uneven surfaces,  or extreme environmental shifts, such as sudden temperature changes or direct heat.

Do I need to varnish over the texture areas?

Varnish is optional. Our acrylics are archival quality and adding a varnish is up to the artist's preference. We currently do not offer varnishes so exercise caution when using from other bands. We are not responsible for the effects a varnish may have on your artwork if it causes unwanted effects.

What does the Heavy Texture paint look like once it’s dry?

Our Heavy Body Texture acrylics have a glossy finish, and depending on application dry with an array of shades and variations. All acrylic paints will dry slightly darker than they appear when wet, due to the milky effects of acrylic pigment emulsion. Take Carbon Black as an example: when applied wet in larger amounts, the paint has a blue-ish hue, yet dries very dark. When spread out in a thinner fashion, those hues will be more visible on lighter backgrounds. Minimal shrinkage will occur once the water content evaporates from the paint, yet these effects are normal and hardly noticeable.

Can I paint on canvas or other surfaces?

Wood panels are the optimal choice for Heavy Body Texture. The strength and rigidity  of wood allows the paint to stand taller, and adds integrity for work with a more sculptural effect. Use caution when painting on canvas with Heavy Body Texture. It may cause the paint to crack, or for the canvas itself to sag or tear due to the weight of the heavy texture. Our Acrylic Collection is fine on canvas if used traditionally, but for sculpting, we recommend wood panels.

I’m new to texture painting. Where should I start?

The founder, Justin Gaffrey, is a self-taught artist, and his career has been successful, prolific, and explorative.  If he can do it, so can you. Our acrylic paint kits are a wonderful introduction to sculptural painting. They are designed for beginners to feel accomplished, inspired, and confident to build up their skills. Made with a limited color palette, you can’t mess it up or make the colors look muddy. If guided kits aren't for you, check out our youtube channel for tips and techniques so you can explore with a bit of know-how.

I’m afraid of wasting paint. What should I do?

By design, our paint is intended to be used in large amounts for a sculptural style. There's no waste here. Practice is as much the creative outlet as producing “finished work”. If you have limited resources, practice with smaller amounts before you jump into larger projects. That's how we do it.

Can I use other acrylics from other brands with the Gaffrey paint?

Heavy Body Texture and Acrylic Color Collection are mostly compatible with other acrylic brands, as they are water based. Yet, the quality and chemistry of other acrylics vastly differ. Results may vary so do a small mixing test to see if they are compatible. For optimal results, stick with gaffrey paints.

How long will it take for a color to be back in stock?

GAM is a small team. Our whole business is run and operated by 5 people. Our production staff is really just two. We try hard to keep up on stock, but there's only so much four hands can do. Appreciation doesn't begin to describe how proud we are that you use our paint, so bear with us, as our little company grows, we’re constantly working to make our production run smoother. Our timelines for restocking may seem non-existent, but the truth is we’re sometimes just not exactly sure when specific colors will be back in production. Trust us, when we know, we’ll tell ya! Join our email list and we'll keep you as up to date as we are ourselves. 

How do I request a new color?

Send us an email at This is what being an artist-run paint company is all about! We’ll do our best to make it happen.

How do I clean or remove dust from my paintings?

Once the paint is dry, it’s nearly indestructible. Acrylic paints are basically flexible plastic. You can use a damp lint-free towel to remove dust, spray your artwork with a garden hose, or use a duster to remove debris. None of this will not affect the integrity of the work.

What is the difference between Gaffrey Heavy Texture acrylics and molding/modeling paste?

Our Heavy Body Texture collection is the answer to all those goopy and annoying molding pastes needed to achieve the raised effects of textured work. Our acrylics are exceptionally smooth, highly pigmented acrylic paints which hold stiff peaks without extra mediums or mixing needed. We did the work for you, so you  don't have to waste money, time and guesswork to achieve rich, quality, texture every time.

Why have you changed your packaging?

We are learning as we go and making improvements to make sculpting with paint more enjoyable and user friendly. Since Heavy Body Texture is the first of its kind, we had to develop the first of its kind packaging. Constant testing and consumer feedback informs our choices to change packaging. With that being said, our mid-viscosity is now being called the Acrylic Color Collection, and is the same acrylic paints you know and love, only packaged in paint tubes for easier application. 

I ordered paint in a tube or jar but it’s not thick like I see on social media. What should I do?

It happens! Heavy Texture is packaged in piping bags and Acrylic Colors are in tubes. We are learning as we go and doing our best to create content that accurately portrays each medium. Sometimes we miss the mark and do not explain the difference of mediums clearly enough. Send us an email and we'll get you the right paint.

Can I mix paints with the Titanium White Heavy Texture to create new colors?

Absolutely! This is our signature style we are hoping to share with the world.  Use one of our palette knives to mix any gaffrey paint with Heavy Body texture.

How do I clean my brushes/knives?

Remove the excess paint with a rag or paper towel while the paint is still wet. Rinse with water. DO NOT RINSE IN THE SINK. Acrylic paints are not intended to go down the drain. You may also allow the paint to dry on your palette knives and peel the paint off.

How do i prevent the paint from falling off my wood panel?

Paint on a flat table or adjust the angle of your easel accordingly. Always dry your work on a flat surface.

Can I mix your acrylics with oil paint?

Oil paints are hydrophobic and acrylic paints are water-based. The general rule of thumb is to paint acrylic first on a flat plane and you may add oil paint over it. DO NOT MIX WET OIL WITH WET ACRYLIC PAINT.

Is it weird that I want to eat your paint?

I know it's cruel to make paint that looks like frosting but please don’t eat the paint. Heed the cautionary statement from our toxicologist, “If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, call physician immediately. For emergency health information, call your Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222.” Use common sense. 

Can I use a paintbrush with the Heavy Texture?

Use paintbrushes for a more traditional impasto style like Van Gough. If the desired effect is to have more height and body, we recommend using palette knives or pipe the bag to sculpt the paint. 

What do you do with all the leftover paint scraps?

Make more art with it! Our warehouse is the Willy Wonka of paint factories with Justin Gaffrey’s paint studio in the heart of it. The paint scraps are repurposed into more art. Even the paint we get on the ground gets peeled up and used, literally.

I’m interested in stocking gaffrey art material in my store. Who should I reach out to?

We are the sole proprietor of gaffrey art material products and not accepting wholesale offers at this time.

Can I dilute Heavy Texture with water?

It is water-soluble but we do not recommend it. Heavy Texture is designed to be super thick as as a sculptural material.

Do I need a gesso to prime my surface?

We don't offer gesso as a surface primer, instead we feel our Base Coats is a superior alternative. Base Coats function the same with the added benefit of being an artist paint with added marble dust which gives it the tooth needed for adhesion.

Why is it that the Clear Heavy Texture doesn’t dry clear?

By default, Clear is formulated with acrylic emulsion that has a milky appearance. In thin layers, it will be transparent. In large amounts, exceeding an inch, will require a long time to appear clear. The name Clear is a shorthand around the warehouse for mixing medium so the name stuck.