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Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist

Everybody has a proclivity to make art, but preconceived ‘rules,’ fear and intimidation can often get in the way of people’s desire to express themselves. Our paint isn’t for everybody, but it can be for anyone.

This product is phenomenal. It is so smooth and dried a lot faster than I thought it would. I use it to pipe flowers with petal tips and piping bags. It holds its peaks so beautifully. I’ve never worked with a heavy body acrylic like it. So impressed.

Liz ReyMonroe, WA

I know it sounds dramatic but the purchase I made September 27, 2020 changed my life. I have quit my job to pursue painting full time. I feel proud of the work I do. I am thankful I have found a style of my own and I truly feel it was possible because of the value of this paint.

Christine TonoliniDallas, TX

This paint was made for us to explore a whole new avenue and style of expressionism that I’ve never seen before. Buy some Gaffrey paint. Hop on the bandwagon. I feel so lucky to be a part of the Gaffrey user community.

Adrienne JudgeLancaster, PA

Pigment Rich Texture Without the Expense

Gaffrey’s ultra heavy body acrylics eliminate the need for mixing mediums, saving you both time and money. No more molding pastes, gels, gesso, or guess-work for adding texture to your art. We did all the hard work for you getting the ratios of acrylic to pigment just right so you'll have consistent pigment-rich texture every time.

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Make Your Paintings More Dynamic

The uniqueness of our formulas allow artists to go against conventional methods of painting, giving them the freedom to have fun by utilizing simple palette knife and piping bag techniques. Once you get your hands on (and in) the paint, you won’t want to go back to traditional painting methods and your run-of-the-mill heavy body acrylics – that’s a Gaffrey promise.

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How one family is revolutionizing the paint world

Meet the Gaffrey's

The Gaffreys have been immersed in the arts their whole lives. As a self-taught artist with more than 20 years of experience, Justin Gaffrey was always looking to push the boundaries of his art and explore a variety of genres. Yet, there wasn't a type of paint on the market for his style so he took matters into his own hands.

The team of Gaffreys, Justin and his two children, Justin Jr. and Aria, began handcrafting acrylic paints in their 5,000 sq ft art studio turned paint factory in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. in July 2020. The family is self taught in every aspect; paint chemistry, painting, and running a company. They did it without asking permission and continue to evolve thier processes to deliver the most imitable and high quality art materials to artists across the country.

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