Titanium White Heavy Texture

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165 reviews

Key Features

  • 100% Acrylic Emulsion
  • Mix with our Acrylic Colors
  • Super Thick Viscosity
  • Flexible hardness when dry
  • Fast drying (3-4 hours dry to touch)
  • Zero Cracking
  • Buttery Smooth Application
  • Impasto Brush Strokes
  • Sculptural Knife Techniques
  • 3D Piping Techniques
  • Semi-gloss Finish
  • Mixed Media Methods
  • Balanced Pigment Concentration
  • Compatible with water based mediums
  • Non-Yellowing

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Our Titanium White Heavy Texture offers a unique tactile experience for acrylic painters. It elevates art to a tangible form that encourages movement and interaction. We are self-taught artists turned chemists who value art that appeals to the senses. That's why we made a pro-grade product that beats traditional heavy body paints. Artists love it for its exceeding brightness, opacity, and frosting-like consistency. It also works with our full range of gaffrey acrylic colors (AKA regular acrylics).

This water based paint is a game changer. Our Titanium White Heavy Texture can reach a thickness of up to 6 inches in one layer. It offers mind-blowing results without the added expense of traditional acrylic thickening mediums. Its flexible and indestructible glossy finish will not crack. It looks as stunning dry as it is wet. 

Use it with palette knives and brushes for impasto techniques. They hold crisp strokes with stiff peaks. You can also try the addictive method of piping 3D sculptures. Use piping tips to create flowers and abstract designs anyone can do. Don't take our word for it - get your hands dirty and see for yourself what this paint can do for you.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 165 reviews
Adrienne Judge

I love everything about the paint: the people who make it, how fast it ships and arrives, how wonderful it is to use. I often use pounds at a time for my paintings and I never worry about closing up the piping back, I just pull the dry paint off the tip next time I’m ready to use it. I’ve used every thickening medium imaginable and none of them compare to the puffy, shiny goodness I get from all Gaffrey’s heavy texture acrylics. They’re perfect for my flower sculpting. They dry super sturdy, too. I don’t know where I’d be without them.

Stephanie Spencer
Necessary tool

This white mixes well with other store bought acrylics. So if your having a hard time buying all the colors. Just buy white and use up your other acrylics. I’ve had issues with shrinking in the past and was told to put a fan on the painting while it is drying. This doesn’t seem to be an issue now. Maybe it was the batch I was sent. However I ordered the gold metallic and waiting for it to arrive to add a crown to my painting below. Canvas back the “king” of ducks.

Allie Goulding
Best paint ever

The quality of this paint is unmatched. It’s the best texture medium I’ve ever used. The packaging is incredibly convenient.


always been following works of sir justin gaffrey and i was just ecstatic to know when he started GAM. i went to try ordering online but they dont ship here in the PH. found a way, extra shipping fees but.. TOTALLY WORTH IT. been sculpting paint since i started painting and m'just glad to have GAM now. makes everything easier!

Summer Mathis
Diggin It!

I paint with palette knives & heavy body acrylics & have tried so many different types to get the effect I desire...they do it up here! Really enjoy this paint!