Cadmium Red Light Hue Artist Acrylic Paint

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Cadmium Red Light Hue is a meaty, deep red color with a powerful warm undertone. Picture a vibrant scarlet hue with orange, like a fat and juicy beefsteak tomato.

It's perfect for vibrant floral paintings, fiery sunsets, and adding bold accents to figurative or abstract compositions. But here's the kicker: its transparency makes it particularly useful for glazing over Heavy Texture. You can take your artwork into another dimension, building depth and intensity with just one palette knife stroke.

It brings a similar intensity as Pyrrole Red but with the added advantage of being more transparent, which is perfect for glazing techniques. It has higher chroma and can achieve a broader range of warm red tones. Its warmth is generous, while Pyrrole Red leans towards cooler undertones.

When discussing Cadmium Red Light Hue, we use a modern pigment replacement, specifically Naphthol Scarlet Lake, instead of the original Cadmium pigment. Cadmium pigments have more street cred, but they're overrated. In comparison, the original Cadmium Red Light is more opaque and has a more muted tone. With Cadmium Red Light Hue, you get the benefits of a modern pigment with semi-transparency and intense color while maintaining that recognizable hue. We sourced it with a finer grade, giving it a semi-transparent quality and greater intensity.

All Gaffrey acrylic colors are crafted in small batches with a hint of artistic mischief and paint chemistry expertise. Our colors undergo daily testing by our seasoned team of self-taught art pros.


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