India Yellow Artist Acrylic Paint

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India Yellow brings a radiant glow to the table with earthiness and translucent deep yellow hues. It boasts slight brownish-orange undertones, allowing a touch of depth and coziness. We love it for its inimitable richness.

That warm and rich golden color is perfect for those mesmerizing warm, glowing light effects. India Yellow plays well with other warm colors, creating harmonious and inviting color schemes. It's like a warm embrace for your artwork, bringing that magic touch and inviting everyone in.

India Yellow is compared to Diarylide Yellow, with a few notable differences. The particle size of our India yellow mixture has finer particles, giving it more translucence and lending to a golden hue. In contrast, Diarylide has a distinct orangish hue, with a hair more opacity. It's like comparing a cozy campfire to a bonfire. Each has its own unique charm.

The pigment's origin is steeped in lore from the early 1800s. Allegedly, urine was collected from dehydrated oxen fed only mango leaves. Our version is vegan, cruelty-free, and a modern synthetic blend of Arylide Yellow 5GX with a finer particle size giving the color its earthy yellow translucence and a dash of Quinacridone magenta to enrich its orangish appearance.

All Gaffrey acrylic colors are crafted in small batches with a hint of artistic mischief and paint chemistry expertise. Our colors undergo daily testing by our seasoned team of self-taught art pros.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kathleen Hukalowicz
First Time using India Yellow Artistic Acrylic Paint

I'm very pleased, I've only used it twice to be honest but the coverage and quality of this paint surpasses my previous brand

Gaffrey Art Material

From order to use, Gaffrey Art Material is absolutely amazing. Everything is as advertised with exceptional customer service to boot! I have just placed my third of many orders to come. Thank you!
My only suggestion would be to offer a cold packing selection before checkout, so customers don't close the window early and miss it or have to go through entering their card info twice.
Again, many thanks!! I am blown away and so happy to have found Gaffrey Art Material! You have a customer for life.