Alizarin Crimson Artist Acrylic Paint

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Alizarin Crimson stands out in our collection of acrylic colors. Its deep red shade embodies the clarity and crisp color profile of a Bourgogne Pinot Noir, with a semi-transparent rich ruby hue that bursts with complexity.

This is an excellent red blend for creating richly colored shadows, velvety textures, and darker areas in your work. It is the subtle tonal variations that make glazing techniques work so well. Mainly when it's glazed over lighter Heavy Texture colors, creating a smoky crimson hue where the subtly beautiful bluish tones come to life.

Alizarin Crimson stands out in our collection of reds and violets due to its unique bluish and smoky hue. It has similar clean mixing properties as a Quinacridone or Naphthol red but not nearly as warm. Remember that all pigments are snowflakes with unique qualities and characteristics, offering different avenues for creative expression.

Our Alizarin Crimson is a synthetic pigment blend inspired by the ancient madder plant's root, combining Quinacridone Violet yellow shade (V19), Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide (PY42), and a touch of Phthalo Green (G7). This acrylic paint has a deep ruby color but with medium light intensity that really comes alive when glazed over lighter colors.

All Gaffrey acrylic colors are crafted in small batches with a hint of artistic mischief and paint chemistry expertise. Our colors undergo daily testing by our seasoned team of self-taught art pros.


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Alleighya Figueroa
Love it

Need more ❤️

Jackie Katter

It is beautiful and the tubes are so much easier!