Light Phthalo Blue Artist Acrylic Paint

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It's born from the blend of Titanium White and Phthalo Blue, creating a light, airy blue shade with a cool undertone. The combination merges the opacity and brightness of Titanium White with the intensity and transparency of Phthalo Blue. The result? A delightful range of light, pastel-like blues spanning soft sky blues to muted cerulean hues.

Light Phthalo Blue is a fantastic choice for achieving soft blue tones and creating a sense of depth and atmosphere in your work. It's perfect for capturing the beauty of skies, water bodies, and other subjects where a soft and relaxed blue color is desired. This blend brings a spacious quality to your work for a sense of distance and scale.


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franki martin
new dimensions

I am working and figuring out my base coats and swirls and flowers. It is awesome.
An entire new world of my creations! After receiving the paint in my first order I have been creating all new figures not possible with reg. acrylics. I ordered more hoping to get it today!!! I am self-taught and have been creating since I was a small child. It is my therapy and I love it!!! Thank you for caring how it works out for me and my creations.