Quinacridone Violet Artist Acrylic Paint

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As the youngest in the quinacridone family, Violet doesn't care what you think. The dramatic appearance of this amethyst color is sure to grab attention, with its outgoing charm that loves being in the spotlight.

Quinacridone Violet is a force of nature. With a cool vibe, faint red undertones, and powerful tinting strength, this color can be a supporting character or take center stage for a powerful performance. An orchid's sensual and striking violet nodes come to mind to accentuate its natural beauty.

Our acrylic color collection has two very different violet pigments. Quinacridone Violet is vibrant and intense, while Dioxazine Purple is deeper with a bluish tint.

Quinacridone Violet is the younger treasure, the envy of its older siblings. While Red and Magenta have a power struggle, violet know its niche, and is a separate tool altogether. It's designed with excellent lightfastness, to ensure the longevity of your artwork, and stop the fading of time. Quinacridone Violet has a high tinting strength even with small amounts of pigment, so you can achieve all of its varied applications with little waste.

All Gaffrey acrylic colors are crafted in small batches with a hint of artistic mischief and paint chemistry expertise. Our colors undergo daily testing by our seasoned team of self-taught art pros.


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