Carbon Black Heavy Texture

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26 reviews

Key Features

  • 100% Acrylic Emulsion
  • Mix with our Acrylic Colors
  • Super Thick Viscosity
  • Flexible hardness when dry
  • Fast drying (3-4 hours dry to touch)
  • Zero Cracking
  • Buttery Smooth Application
  • Impasto Brush Strokes
  • Sculptural Knife Techniques
  • 3D Piping Techniques
  • Semi-gloss Finish
  • Mixed Media Methods
  • Balanced Pigment Concentration
  • Compatible with water based mediums
  • Non-Yellowing

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Our Carbon Black is a sight. This Heavy Body Texture adds drama, and mystery to any work in which it is incorporated.  Deep Black with subtle brown undertones, this opaque acrylic has a glossy sheen, and dries very dark. Allow night time to shine in your work, or bring the power of darkness into the 3rd dimension when utilizing our piping and palette knife techniques. Mix this color with white for an array of blue-gray tones. 

Our Carbon Black's lightfastness is beyond excellent, and won't fade or dull over time. It glides effortlessly across various surfaces, and stands tall and proud without losing its shape. Carbon black can stand out, or stay subtle in the background. Its brown undertones allow for an array of moods, whether you're looking for the earthy mood, or an eerie characteristic, this paint is has become a staple in our palettes. 

This is a prehistoric color. Traditionally, Carbon Black was produced from charring materials such as wood and bone. It’s possibly the oldest pigment to be used. Sometimes called Lamp Black, this pigments history sells itself. This color is an essential for, well, humanity.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Jalyn Lear
Great paint, beware of shrinkage

This paint is wonderfully thick and the black has such a stunning shine! The only issue I had with this was the fact that it dried down smaller, so some of the lines I painted together separated to reveal the lower surface. I will keep that in mind when next using this, because it IS so great with various applications. Gaffrey Art Material rocks :D

Paula M.
Amazing paint for sculptural paintings!

It was a great day when I found GAM heavy texture acrylic paint! There is simply nothing like it for palette knife painting and for using piping tips for fine detail work. This paint has opened up new vistas for me that I am eagerly exploring!

Chelsea Baker

This paint holds up so well and allows me to create things that I never thought were possible. I’m working on “wearable” art and the paint has held up so well as I’ve been out and about. Will definitely purchase more!

Bertha Gibson
Heavy body white

This paint is unbelievable. It is fun to work with. The three demential affect it gives pulls people in and they have to have it.

Ryan Woody
When you need it

Each of the Gaffrey heavy texture paints go far beyond what my expectations would and could be at this point. When you look at what other companies charge for heavy texture paint, Gaffrey blows them out of the water