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Shipping and Returns FAQ

Where do I find my tracking number?

Tracking info will be sent to your purchase email once your order is fulfilled.

My shipment is delayed. What should I do?

Once your package leaves our facility, the carrier is responsible for your package. Contact your carrier. We see the same tracking info as you and unable to effect the delivery process.

How do you ship?

We offer calculated rates from USPS and UPS. Standard ship times range from 2-10 days as well as expedited shipping options at checkout. As a heads up, we automatically waive that fee for all orders over $50 and the carrier (UPS or USPS) will be automatically selected based on the shipping address. 

*Free shipping is only for the contiguous United States.

What if I want to cancel or change my order?

We try to fulfill orders very quickly; that said, please email us at and we’ll see what we can do!

I put in the wrong address. What should I do?

We try to fulfill orders very quickly; that said, please email us at and we’ll see what we can do! If your order has left our facility, you can contact UPS or USPS to reroute your order. We do not facilitate this for you and is your responsibility.

It's not a guarantee your order will be sent back to our facility. In some cases, packages sent back to us arrive months later!

Can I return my order online?

Yes and no. Refunds will be determined on a case by case basis. We have specific protocols for how we pack orders to ensure your order arrives safely. PAINTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. All other art materials can be refunded. Send us an email and we'll find a solution for you.

My shipment was damaged. Can I get a replacement or refund??

Yes. We will replace your order with no questions asked. You may also request a refund or store credit.

Acrylic Paint and Technique FAQ

How long does it take for Heavy Texture acrylic dry?

Dry times are based on the amount used, temperature, and humidity levels. You will notice the paint film forming after 30-60 minutes and the paint will be tacky to the touch. Once the paint film is set, the paint will take several days to a week to fully dry. Lower temperature and higher humidity levels will extend the dry time. Constant airflow from a fan will speed up the drying process.

How do I store the paint piping bag after use?

You may use our secure bag clip to seal the paint or transfer it to an airtight container. For short-term storage (under 24 hours), you can pinch the end of the bag to restrict airflow.

Do your paints crack?

Heavy Texture acrylic on its own will not crack. Our formula is designed to be flexible and durable once dry. Certain factors may cause the paint to crack; such as diluting with water, mixing paints or mediums from other brands, applying the texture to uneven surfaces or canvas, adding too much Mid-Viscosity colors, and extreme temperatures.

Do I need to varnish over the texture areas?

Varnish is optional. Our acrylics are archival quality and adding a varnish is up to the artist's preference. We currently do not offer varnishes so exercise caution when using from other bands. We are not responsible for the effects a varnish may have on your artwork if you mess it up

What does the Heavy Texture look like once it’s dry?

Heavy Texture acrylics have a glossy finish that looks the same wet to dry in most cases. All acrylic paints will dry slightly darker due to the milky color of acrylic emulsion when wet. Shrinkage will occur once the water content evaporates from the paint. These effects are normal and hardly noticeable.

Do I have to paint on wood panels?

Wood panels are the optimal choice for their rigidity and integrity of the finished artwork. Use caution when painting on canvas. It may cause the paint to crack or settle.

I’m new to texture painting. Where should I start?

The founder, Justin Gaffrey, is a self-taught artist with a prolific art career spanning over several decades. If he can do it, so can you. Our paint kits are a wonderful introduction to sculptural painting. They are designed to get a win for beginners to inspire confidence and build up your skills. Made with a limited color palette, you can’t mess it up or make the colors look muddy. If paint kits aren't for you, check out our youtube channel for tips and techniques.

I’m afraid of wasting paint. What should I do?

By design, Heavy Texture is intended to be used in large amounts for a sculptural style. Practice techniques on your palette before committing to your painting surface.

Can I use other acrylics from other brands with the Heavy Texture?

gaffrey art material is mostly compatible with other brands. Yet, the quality and chemistry of other acrylics vastly differ. Results may vary so do a small mixing test to see if they are compatible.

What surfaces can I paint on with the Heavy Texture?

Acrylic paints are some of the most versatile art materials out there. gaffrey art material is no exception. Acrylics will stick to about anything. We recommend wood panels as your primary painting surface due to their rigidity. This ensures all your hard work will be unaffected.

How long will it take for a color to be back in stock?

We are a small family company making all our acrylics in small batches and filling by hand in our warehouse. Making paints from scratch is not an easy task and requires extreme attention to detail. Our best sellers take priority in the production queue. It can take anywhere from several days to months to restock a color. Certain factors such as supply chain issues for raw materials can cause delays we are not in control of. 

How do I remove dust from my paintings?

Once the paint is dry, it’s nearly indestructible. Acrylic paints are basically flexible plastic. You can use a damp lint-free towel to remove dust, spray your artwork with a gardenhose, or use a duster to remove debris. This will not affect the integrity of the work. 

How do I request a new color?

Send us an email at This is what being an artist-run paint company is all about! We’ll do our best to make it.

What is the difference between heavy texture acrylics and molding paste?

A molding paste is a thick substance filled with hard particles. It has a goopy consistency that hinders movement when using a knife or paintbrush. Molding paste is a mixing medium to create texture effects. Our Heavy Texture acrylics are exceptionally smooth, highly pigmented, hold stiff peaks, and don’t need extra mediums to achieve texture. Heavy Texture solves the problem of wasting money on mixing mediums and takes the guesswork out of mixing by delivering pigment rich texture paint every time.

What is the difference between Mid-Viscosity and Heavy Texture?

Mid-Viscosity colors are like heavy body acrylics from other brands. (These are known to be traditional acrylic paints most people are familiar with) We tweaked the formula to make them more compatible with the Heavy Texture.

Can I get a Heavy Texture color in a 5 gallon bucket?

As of now we only offer Titanium White and Clear Heavy Texture in 5 gallons. To request a color in 5 gallons, send us an email. Custom orders are based on availability of in house product.

Why have you changed your packaging?

We are learning as we go and making improvements to make sculpting with paint more enjoyable and user friendly. Since Heavy Texture is the first of its kind, we have to develop the first of its kind packaging. Constant testing and consumer feedback informs our choices to change packaging.

How long have you been open?

July 2020. gaffrey art material is a family business located in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. Our acrylic paints are manufactured in house.

I ordered paint in a jar but it’s not thick like I see on social media. What should I do?

It happens! We are learning as we go and doing our best to create content that accurately portrays each medium. Sometimes we miss the mark and do not explain the difference of mediums clear enough. When shopping, Heavy Texture is packaged in piping bags and Mid-Viscosity is in jars. Send us an email and we'll get you the right paint.

Can I mix paints with the Titanium White Heavy Texture to create new colors?

Absolutely! Use one of our palette knives to mix any gaffrey paint with the texture.

What is the difference between Titanium White Heavy Texture and Clear Heavy Texture?

Clear Heavy Texture is like a heavy gloss gel but thicker, smoother, and absorbs pigment. Clear is the base formula for all our pigmented Heavy Texture Acrylics. Titanium White Heavy Texture is loaded with titanium dioxide pigment while the clear has no pigment added. 

Can I use the Heavy Texture on hats, shoes, jackets?

Acrylic paints are unbelievably versatile and will stick to just about anything.

How do I clean my paintbrushes?

Remove the excess paint with a rag or paper towel while the paint is still wet. Rinse with water. DO NOT RINSE IN THE SINK. Acrylic paints are not intended to go down the drain. 

How do I clean my palette knives safely?

Remove the excess paint with a rag or paper towel while the paint is still wet. Rinse with water. DO NOT RINSE IN THE SINK. Acrylic paints are not intended to go down the drain. You may also allow the paint to dry and peel the paint off.

How do i prevent the paint from falling off my wood panel?

Paint on a flat surface or at a slight angle with an adjustable easel.

Can I mix your acrylics with oil paint?

No. Oil paints are hydrophobic and acrylic paints are water-based. The general rule of thumb is to paint acrylic first on a flat plane and you may add oil paint over it. You may not paint acrylic over oil because the acrylic will not adhere to it.

How do you get the Heavy Texture to be that thick?

What gives it its signature thickness is in the chemistry. No fillers or thickening agents are in the formula.

I want to buy one of your paint kits but I’m afraid I’ll mess it up.

We designed the paint kits for all skill levels with a limited color palette. So even if you make a mistake your colors won’t get muddy and you will have a whole lot of fun in the process. A detailed video tutorial is provided with each paint kit to paint along with Justin Gaffrey.

Is it weird that I want to eat your paint?

I know it's cruel to make paint that looks like frosting but please don’t eat the paint. Heed the cautionary statement from our toxicologist, “If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, call physician immediately. For emergency health information, call your Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222.” Use common sense. 

Can I use a paintbrush with the Heavy Texture?

Use paintbrushes for a more traditional impasto style like Van Gough. If the desired effect is to have more height and body, we recommend using palette knives to sculpt the paint. 

Do you sell your artwork anywhere?

We sure do! Come visit us at the Justin Gaffrey Gallery located in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Learn more at

What do you do with all the leftover paint scraps?

Make more art with it! Our warehouse is the Willy Wonka of paint factories with Justin Gaffrey’s paint studio in the heart of it. The paint scraps are repurposed.

What do I do with the piping bag if I don’t use all the paint?

Air is the enemy of acrylic paint. Get a tight seal to prevent air from escaping the bag to extend the shelf life of your paints.

How do I ship my texture paintings without getting damaged?

Allow your artwork to dry and let it dry some more before shipping. Oh and don't forget the bubble wrap!

Are your paints brittle or will they chip off over time?

No. That's what separates us and makes our paints special. The paint is like a hard flexible plastic.

Can I use gaffrey art material on my skin?

Avoid direct skin contact. In case of skin contact, immediately wash with water. If irritation occurs and persists, call physician. Gloves are recommended.

Do you sponsor artists?

Not yet but we are working on it. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social for new announcements.

Where do I find info on tips and techniques?

Go to our YouTube channel for more in-depth tips and techniques 

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship to Canada and will be expanding international shipping worldwide. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social for new announcements.

I’m interested in stocking gaffrey art material in my store. Who should I reach out to?

We are the sole proprietor of gaffrey art material products and not accepting wholesale offers at this time.

What should I do if my Heavy Texture has dried out at the opening of the bag?

Pinch the scab off the opening of the bag and continue painting or reseal the bag with one of our clips.

Can I dilute Heavy Texture with water?

It is water-soluble but we do not recommend it. Heavy Texture is designed to be super thick as as a sculptural material.

I live in a cold climate and am worried about my paint freezing in transit. How can you prevent the paint from freezing?

We offer cold weather protection for $10 as an add-on to insulate your package. Acrylic paints are subject to freeze in temperatures below 32 degrees during transit. gaffrey art material is NOT responsible for any damage. Insulated packaging helps but is not a guarantee. Please be aware of your climate. We hold orders with a future ship date but please contact us ahead of time.

Do I need a gesso?

It’s not required but we recommend our Base Coats as a superior alternative. Base Coats function the same with the added benefit of being an artist paint with added clay for extra tooth.

Can I use your Heavy Texture acrylics for a mural or outdoor use?

You may do so at your own risk. Our paints are designed for indoor use. Yet, if you are interested in a Heavy Texture acrylic for exterior use send us an email. We love experimenting and we’re happy to make an acrylic medium that fits your needs!

What style of painting is this?

It’s known as impasto. Where paint is laid on an area of the surface in very thick layers, usually thick enough that the brush or painting-knife strokes are visible. This art movement was made popular by artist such as Van Gough, Rembrandt, and Jackson Pollock. Impasto is a historical frame of reference that doesn’t quite fit with what we do. We took it a step further by making painting more sculptural and three-dimensional. We like to call it, “Sculpting With Paint”

Do acrylics dry darker?

Acrylic colors dry darker in tone as they dry. The amount in which they dry darker varies depending on the pigment. Lighter tones don’t change much while darker colors appear lighter when wet and dry darker.

Can I make "skins" with Heavy Texture?

Apply the Heavy Texture to non-stick surfaces like plastic. You can peel the paint off once dry to assemble the skins how you see fit. Use our Heavy Texture as a glue when assembling.

Why is it that the Clear Heavy Texture doesn’t dry clear?

This may be from overworking the material. When you do so, you add air that makes the acrylic cloudy. In thin layers, it will be transparent but in large amounts, will appear semi-transparent.

Why can’t I get a color of your Heavy Texture in a jar?

Jars are a waste of plastic and can be awkward when trying to evacuate material with a knife or dumping it out. Our piping bags use less plastic, reducing waste in landfills. The bags allow you to accurately dispense paint to your palette or painting surface.

Is it safe to use Heavy Texture when pregant?

Heavy Texture CONFORMS TO ASTM D-4236 This means that every potentially hazardous component used to make the product is listed on the packaging. The following colors have Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Cadmium Orange Hue
Light Phthalo Blue
Light Phthalo Green
Metallic Silver
Mid Viridian
Marge Green
Rose Quartz
Cool Blue Metallic
Turquoise Metallic

Is Heavy Texture safe to use?

Heavy Texture formulations are low odor, low VOC, and conforms to ASTM D-4236. This means that every potentially hazardous component used to make the product is listed on the packaging.


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