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Clear Heavy Acrylic Gel Gloss - Gaffrey Art Material
Clear Heavy Acrylic Gel Gloss - Gaffrey Art Material

Clear Heavy Acrylic Gel Gloss


Clear Heavy Texture offers all the incredible sculpting and texturizing properties of our Heavy Texture acrylics, without any added pigment. This versatile medium lets you control the color intensity of your creations by mixing in our Acrylic Colors, allowing for custom shades that are uniquely yours.

Keep in mind that colors will appear significantly lighter when wet and dry darker, so plan your mixtures accordingly. Use Clear Heavy Texture as an adhesive for mixed media projects, or to add body and thickness to your regular acrylic paints.

Mixing regular acrylics with Clear Heavy Texture can be seen as more advanced—not in terms of skill, but due to the complexity and challenges it introduces. This method is often more costly and difficult, particularly when striving for color consistency in repeated studio projects. The likelihood of encountering issues such as air bubbles and craters is increased, leading to a less smooth finish compared to using our Heavy Texture color options. 

It's advisable to experiment with our artist acrylics first, Heavy Texture and Acrylic colors, to simplify your painting process. This approach is not only more affordable and visually appealing but also eliminates the need for extensive preparation. It's similar to driving a new automatic car compared to a used manual one—the focus is more on enjoying the ride than on the mechanics.

Our intent in offering Clear Heavy Texture is to cater to experienced impasto painters who prefer making their own texturized color blends. It's crucial to note that our clear medium outperforms traditional gel mediums, offering superior flexibility and less shrinkage at a more accessible price point. 

  • Very high viscosity
  • Crack-resistant flexible finish
  • Opaque
  • Buttery smooth
  • Holds stiff peaks
  • Palette knife painting
  • Impasto brushwork
  • Piping bag techniques
  • Peel-able sculptures
  • Wet on wet glazing
  • Texturized color mixing
What is Heavy Texture?

Heavy body acrylics claim to be thick, but they often fall flat. Gaffrey's Heavy Texture provides unmatched thickness and opacity, setting a new standard for impasto painting.

Heavy Texture is ready-made for gravity defying effects and lasting color. No mixing mediums required. Plus, it's fully compatible with 'regular' acrylics.

We’re a ragtag crew, crafting professional-grade acrylics from the ground up. Embracing a DIY ethos, we ensure our paints are accessible to all artists, supporting creativity without barriers or hefty price tags.

Professional Grade

All gaffrey formulations are approved by certified toxicologists from Environmental Medicine Inc.

  • 100% Acrylic emulsion
  • Water based formula
  • Conforms to ASTM D 4236
  • Lightfast quality pigments
  • Zero fillers
  • Low VOC

Safety Data Sheets

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Transparency is key. Below are some crucial insights into how we operate and what you can expect: 

  • Restocking: We do not provide restocking timelines. Our stock levels depend on a multitude of factors, and we focus on quality over speed.
  • Production: We’re a lean team of five, with just two handling all production. We work hard to meet demand, but there are limits to what we can do. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Painting Classes: Our focus is on perfecting paints and getting orders out the door quickly, not on teaching. We're all self-taught artists here at GAM, learning through trial and error. Follow us on social media for occasional tips and tricks. We love sharing our discoveries in real time and learning from artists like you!
  • Dry Time: Our paints use a water-based formula. A thick layer of Heavy Texture will cure faster than a thin layer of oil paint. Drying times may vary, so consider using a plugin fan for quicker results.
  • Firm Pricing: Prices are set to reflect the quality and care we put into our paints. We don’t offer discounts—our goal is to keep our pricing fair and straightforward.
  • Modus Operandi: Our paints encourage bold and voluminous use. Don’t like heavy application? That’s fine, but our style celebrates abundance. Use as much or as little as you like, but we design with freedom in mind.
  • Product Consistency: Despite our best efforts to maintain consistency, batch variability is inevitable. It’s part of the charm of buying handcrafted paints.
  • Packaging: It’s what’s inside the bag that counts. Packaging aesthetics are secondary to the quality of paint we deliver. Some imperfections are to be expected.
  • Team Capacity: We started small and remain a small team. Expansions and improvements are ongoing, but expect some delays. We manage our operations with care, not haste.
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4 easy steps to pipe heavy texture

1. Snip It

Cut a small piece off the bag, about 3/4 of an inch. Cut further as needed to increase flow of paint.

2. Twist it

Use dominant hand to twist the top until bag feels firm. Apply steady pressure to force air pockets outs.

3. Squeeze it

Guide the nozzle with one hand, applying pressure with the other to control paint thickness and shape.

4. Clip It

Flatten the open end and clip it for short-term storage. For long-term, transfer to airtight container.

Carbon Black Heavy Texture - Gaffrey Art Material

sculpt with paint

Achieve multicolored compositions up to six inches instantly, with lasting color fidelity and durability.

Mix Paints, not mediums

Effortlessly mix Heavy Texture with Acrylic Colors, avoiding the need for costly thickening mediums that can lead to cracking, discoloration, or drooping.

Cost effective

Our in-house manufacturing cuts out the middleman, allowing emerging artists to experiment freely without the high costs.

Mix with Acrylic Colors

Pyrrole Red Artist Acrylic Paint - Gaffrey Art Material
Pyrrole Orange Artist Acrylic Paint - Gaffrey Art Material
Hansa Yellow Artist Acrylic Paint - Gaffrey Art Material
Phthalo Green Artist Acrylic Paint - Gaffrey Art Material
Ultramarine Blue Artist Acrylic Paint - Gaffrey Art Material
Dioxazine Purple Artist Acrylic Paint - Gaffrey Art Material

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
B.S. (Okeechobee, Florida)
Perfect product!

I can literally make whatever comes to my mind in whatever color I choose!

Tish B. (Lompoc, California)
Already ordered more!

I have been having a blast with my first 16 oz bag of gel…. the colors are vivid and it lets me sculpt textures that stay three dimensional after they dry. I also tested some get with a frosting tip and when the sculpted flowers dried they looked like clear plastic… amazing stuff! Love my bags of your paint as well!

Savanah H. (Denver, Colorado)
Test Run

I haven’t gotten to my full project yet but in my test run I really enjoyed working with the clear heavy gel gloss and loved how it dried! Definitely recommend!

M.B. (West Hartford, Connecticut)
The BEST materials

I started painting a few months ago after being inspired by zhuang hong yi's color changing 3d flower beds. I started watching videos of 3d painting techniques and came across Justin Gaffreys art and materials and I knew I had to try them. They are so much fun to use, the piments are bright and beautiful, the knives are flexible and it's so easy to create truly stunning abstracts - thank you for making these things so accessible!!

A.W. (Mazzè, Piedmont)
The versatility of this medium is so satisfying!

I have used this medium in several projects however my favorite of all time is this jellyfish that is under several layers of glassy clear medium. YouTube video placeholder